Keratin Smoothing Treatment

We are Keratin specialists. We offer the ultimate semi-permanent Keratin treatments for every type or hair, whether you're after pin straight hair or if you aren't, your hair will be left smoother, silkier and stronger after our Keratin treatment. Results last 2-4 months.

Speak to our stylists about which treatment is right for you:

Keratin straightening results client before and after frizzy to straight

Keratin Straightening

This treatment is perfect for you if you want straight hair! This is the deepest conditioning treatment we have available. A full Keratin Hair Straightening treatment is an intense treatment that softens and smooths hair, giving you the straighter look you've found so hard to achieve.

After a few months, your hair will start to transition back to it’s natural form while the Keratin washes out. Remember, this is not a permanent straightening but a natural treatment that makes your hair healthier, straight and manageable. It will eliminate any frizz, unruly curls and waves giving you natural looking straight hair that lasts between 2-4 months.


The treatment is full of protein, while not being harmful or as strong as chemical straightening so you won’t need to worry about causing any damage to your hair. In fact, the keratin treatment will moisturise and reconstruct your hair from the inside, repairing any previous damage, leaving your hair looking shiny, soft and straight.

This treatment will work on coloured and bleached hair, however we recommend a 1 week break in between keratin and colouring - it does not matter which order you book them in.

Keratin relaxer treatment soft waves wavy hair

Keratin Smoothing

A deep conditioning treatment that lets you go from curls to waves. Perfect for you if you like your hair movement but looking for alternatives to ironing or relaxing to get that glossy look you want with out going pin straight.

The Keratin Relaxer treatment doesn’t have the severe chemicals you’ll find in typical relaxers, such as sodium hydroxide,  Your hair is relaxed with the active ingredient keratin, a protein similar to the one we have in our hair.

Keratin Relaxer works to “naturally” straighten the hair without taking away its own natural movement body and bounce. It strengthens the hair giving extra support to human’s hair cuticle, Your hair will look shinny healthy frizz free but not dead straight (will leave a slight wave with curly hair)

The treatment can be used on coloured and bleached hair.

Keratin de frizz treatment

Keratin De-frizz

A milder conditioning treatment that allows you to keep the curl, but loose the frizz giving your hair a healthy frizz free glow. This lightweight formula helps tame frizzy, unruly, unwanted fly-away hair while creating a smooth, shiny finish never seen before!

Keep your hairstyle perfectly polished whenever you want and wherever you go. You won’t have to worry anymore about your style in a rainy-humid day of spring or after a swim on the beach. With natural keratin, formaldehide-FREE to help strengthen, nourish and repair structural damage from inside hair cells.

Revitalises, renews and restores elasticity, leaving hair in perfect condition without losing your natural shape and movement!

Can be used on all hair types including coloured bleached and damaged hair

  • Helps tame frizzy, unruly hair (keeping your curls)

  • Helps reduce frizz (goodbye frizz in rainy days!)

  • Smooths hair from inside

  • Delivers instant shine