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DIY Keratin Instructions

FMK has developed a DIY at home keratin treatment as an extension of our wildly successful in-salon keratin treatment, designed with a unique formula transforming frizzy and unruly hair into silky smooth.


Here are your step-by-step instructions for getting the best results for your hair. We recommend watching the full DIY video prior to starting the application. For safety instructions, refer to the box.

DIY Keratin Tutorial

DIY Keratin Tutorial

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1. Wash your hair with the Clarifying Shampoo. Wash twice for normal hair and three times for oily hair. Do not use conditioner after washing.


2.Towel dry your hair.

3. Blow dry your hair until hair is 100% dry, leaving no moisture, brush all the knots out of your hair.


4. Section your hair into 2 or 4 parts.


5. Put on the supplied gloves to start Keratin application. During the keratin treatment, wear a cape or a towel around your shoulders, or alternatively wear an old shirt as there can be some staining. Shake bottle well, then pour the keratin into a bowl and mix with a tint brush. Starting from the nape area, take small sections and apply the keratin to the hair from the roots to ends. Start 1 cm away from the scalp and avoid applying directly to your scalp or skin. Comb through each section to ensure every strand of hair gets coated with keratin. Work your way through to the crown until every section has been applied. You can ask someone to help with the application through the back of your hair for a more comfortable process.


6. Once the application is complete, clip all your hair up. Remove all the excess product from the hair line and your skin, for example the ears. Ensure all the fine hairs around your hair line are also coated in keratin by lightly combing the keratin through those fine strands. Now leave the keratin to process for 20 minutes.


7. We highly recommend completing steps 7&8 in a well ventilated area or outside. Take the clip out of your hair and start drying the product into the hair with a blow drier. For a more comfortable process you can section the hair whilst drying and use a brush if you need to, drying away from the face to avoid discomfort.


8. Once the hair is 100% dry, section the hair again into 2 or 4 parts. Take small sections around 6cm wide and iron each section from the roots to the ends 6 to 8 times with FMK hair straightening irons or any hair straightener that heats up to 450 to 470 Fahrenheit (232 to 242 degrees Celsius). Iron each section until the hair is completely straightened. Again, you can ask someone to help with the ironing through the back of your hair too. 


9. You’ve now finished the application. To ensure best results you need to follow our aftercare instructions:

  • Keep your hair straight and dry for 72 hours, and avoid tying your hair up during the 3 days

  • Run hair straighteners through your hair once a day over the next 3 days.

  • For further information on how to look after your hair after your keratin treatment, visit our keratin FAQ page.


10. Lastly, after 3 days wash your hair with a sulphate free shampoo and conditioner. We highly recommend using our FMK after care keratin shampoo and conditioner for best results. Do not use the clarifying shampoo post keratin treatment as this could affect the longevity of your results.


Thanks for using our exclusive FMK Keratin treatment. We hope you enjoy your results.

We always appreciate hearing your feedback!

Please email your review and before and after results photos to

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