Colours and Foils


At FMK we have expert knowledge and experience in hair colour and highlights

Selecting the right hair colour for your hair can be a very tricky process. There are important factors to consider and assess before hand, such as


  • Will your existing hair colour blend with the colouring dye to produce the colour you want?

  • Whats the current condition of your hair and will it affect the end result?

  • Will the new hair colour even suit you?

Hair colour, highlights and foils - these questions and more can be answered and properly assessed by our professional colourists. We provide you with a free consultation with our Expert Hair Colour Consultants. 

Our colourists have had advanced hair colourist training and have accumulated valuable knowledge and expertise that will help give you amazing hair colour and highlights. Plus provide you with tips and advice that will make your new hair colour last longer. You can be assured of great-looking results. 

We are proudly working with the beautiful Goldwell and Keune colour range.

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