Keratin Relaxer

Ideal for all hair types

A deep conditioning treatment that lets you go from curls to waves. Perfect for you if you like your hair movement but looking for alternatives to ironing or relaxing to get that glossy look you want with out going pin straight.

The Keratin Relaxer treatment doesn’t have the severe chemicals you’ll find in typical relaxers, such as sodium hydroxide,  Your hair is relaxed with the active ingredient keratin, a protein similar to the one we have in our hair.

Keratin Relaxer works to “naturally” straighten the hair without taking away its own natural movement body and bounce. It strengthens the hair giving extra support to human’s hair cuticle, Your hair will look shinny healthy frizz free but not dead straight (will leave a slight wave with curly hair)

The treatment can be used on colored and bleached hair

Keratin relaxer treatment soft waves wavy hair